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How To Stock Up on Qi For the New Year

How To Stock Up on Qi For the New Year

by Lisa Meyerson, LAc, MSOM

Happy New Year and welcome to 2017! 2016 was a very wild and unexpected ride for a lot of us with many twists and turns and now here we are, already in 2017. Many of you are probably feeling exhausted after the Holidays as well and could use a very long nap. Perfect timing!

In January, we are at the time of year where the Kidney meridian is most active. The Kidney meridian controls the development of the bones and nourishes the marrow. It also supports the immune system. The emotion of the Kidney meridian is fear, and a variation of fear could be vigilance or apprehension, such as ‘there’s going to be a storm coming, so let’s do the week’s grocery shopping now and make sure we have a shovel, too’ or ‘it’s going to freezing out, so let’s stay in and watch movies snuggled under a blanket’’.

Winter is the time to be most gentle with ourselves, and if we see the weather as an opportunity to slow down, stay in and restore ourselves, we’re good. At this time of year, I often tell my patients to go to bed earlier and sleep later.

As the Nei Jing (one of our Chinese medicine primary texts) states, ‘if you overwork in the Winter, you’ll have tired and withered limbs in the Spring’, and we want the opposite. So recharge, take things slow, take a nap, and you’ll be rested and ready when everything, including you, comes back to life in the Spring.

Ways to cultivate and stock up on energy:

  • Make soup with in season vegetables like squash and pomegranates and root vegetables
  • Do gentle exercises like tai qi, walking, the wonderful yoga classes at Pulling Down the Moon
  • Schedule an acupuncture treatment and/or a massage appointment
  • See one of our nutritionists, for a consultation on what the best foods to eat right now are.
  • Go to bed earlier and wake up later
  • Stay warm and cozy
  • Make easy and simple resolutions for the upcoming year

Happy New Year and may all your dreams come true in 2017!!

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