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Helpful Nutrition Apps for Your Fertility Journey

Helpful Nutrition Apps for Your Fertility Journey

By Shawna Schwalb, MS, LDN

In our google world, I frequently receive questions regarding what apps we recommend for fertility nutrition or tracking daily eating. Everyone wants to stay on track and needs a little help in this area. When our phones have become our other half in many ways, they can help us stay motivated and to stay on track. The reminders pop up, keep us on our toes and sometimes even guide us through our days and make them more exciting. Ah, the thrill of our technical world. There are so many great apps, but, this blogpost will focus on the general nutrition apps to help you stay on track and focus on nutritious fare that helps support your fertility, overall, health, and weight loss when needed. Medical studies show that keeping a food journal may even double your weight loss.

Fooducate is a helpful app to look up the nutrient content of foods. It rates/grades foods and lists their nutrition facts, ingredients and controversial additives. There are drop-down boxes under each additive that you can click to learn more about the potential health risks, which can be a really great teaching tool! You can scan barcodes of foods while grocery shopping to help you make choices at the store. In summary, Fooducate goes beyond simple calorie tracking to provide a more comprehensive overview of the health properties of that food.

Plate Joy offers personalized meal plans and allows customization for multiple restrictions such as vegetarian, low carb, and gluten free among others. Meals are based on family size, which helps avoid food waste. It has helped many save money and eat healthier by eating at home and cooking more. There is even an option to note what ingredients are already in the pantry with a personal chef contact to motivate you.

In addition, My Food My Health offers plans for specific health conditions. It helps people restricting their diet to be able to have access to delicious, tasty foods quite easily. It offers information about recommended foods and recipes. It creates a community for those suffering from autoimmune disorders.

My Fitness Pal is a helpful app for daily meal tracking. While many use it strictly for calorie counting, My Fitness Pal is a useful for determining the breakdown of carbs, protein, and fat in your daily in diet. It’s also a useful tool for determining if you’re getting enough of certain nutrients like fiber and calcium. Again beyond the calorie counting capability is just the fact that keeping a food journal forces us to be mindful of our food choices. The community on this site also draws many people in.

The Environmental Working Group’s Healthy Living app includes both scores for foods and for personal care products. Many personal care products contain endocrine (or hormone) disruptors such as bisphenol A (BPA) and phthalates that may negatively impact fertility.

While there are so many nutrition apps out there, make sure to choose apps that are helpful to you in developing healthy habits and that make your life easier. If using a specific app feels overwhelming or creates more stress for you, skip it! Remember that motivation is intrinsic. You are motivated, strong and can do this! Find what works for you and helps you stay on track.