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Let Acupuncture Put a Spring in Your Step!

Let Acupuncture Put a Spring in Your Step!


Acupuncture is a great remedy for alleviating depression due to any cause. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) every organ is paired with a season. Springtime can bring with it a seasonal sense of melancholy. According to TCM spring is the time of the Liver (not to be confused with the Western medical organ). The Chinese medical Liver is responsible for the smooth even flow of the energy in the body. When the energy flows unobstructedly the emotions are then enabled to flow evenly and smoothly, keeping depression at bay. Springtime can be a trigger for people with a tendency towards Liver problems such as depression as it is the season of the Liver. I have helped many patients successfully who suffered with depression whether it was seasonally caused, a result from undergoing a medicated fertility treatment cycle, or even postpartum depression. Fertility treatment cycles can be quite stressful for example hearing the results of monitoring, not knowing exactly what an optimal response is to the medications, keeping all of the medications in order and administrating them correctly, let alone the physical and emotional side effects felt as a direct result of taking the hormones. Acupuncture can help mitigate or eliminate emotional stress while going through a fertility journey, if its seasonally related, or when dealing with postpartum depression.

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