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by Meredith Nathan, LMT

Let’s face it – fertility can be frustrating. Depending on whether you’ve just started to dip your toe in the waters of fertility treatments or you’ve already dove head first into the deep end, women and couples can put a lot of time, energy, and resources into their cycles, hoping for success. But what happens when that cycle is a bust? Doesn’t it feel like all those efforts were for nought?

Actually, the opposite is true. Though a single egg will release through ovulation every month, the actual lifespan of that egg is approximately 90 days. That means that everything you just did to boost your fertility and nurture your cycle will actually positively impact the follicles/ovums that are ‘on the docket’ for the next 2-3 cycles. Likewise the lifespan of sperm is about 60-70 days, and the same principle applies. Every supplement you took, acupuncture session you went to, or down-dog you did not only boosts your fertility for your current cycle, but for the ones that are next in line.

This also means that intense nutritional detoxes should be avoided within 90 days of trying to conceive for a women, or within 70 days for a man. Though detox can be powerful for helping the body achieve a fertile state, overly-aggressive methods can cause toxins to leech into your body, affecting egg/sperm quality. During this window try gentle lymphatic massage instead to support the body’s natural cleansing, or see a nutritionist to learn what foods can help your body achieve balance without nasty side effects.

Also, this 2-3 month window means that a couple looking for extra credit (assuming their doctor is in agreement!) can actually do a 90 day prep before officially trying to conceive. Acupuncture, massage, healthy eating, supplements, herbs, and core blood-building exercises like yoga are all powerful tools that can boost egg quality in the current month as well as the months to come. Over time, you can layer healthy month after healthy month, helping your body to reach it’s most vibrant, balanced, and fertile state!