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How Lateness Helped Me Find Greatness

How Lateness Helped Me Find Greatness

by guest blogger, “Jugy”

When it comes to being late, I am notorious for it. Late to parties, dinner reservations, weddings … you name it. I have had no qualms about being fashionably and shamelessly late, it is my MO after all. While my fashionably late behavior has gotten me in all sorts of annoyances with friends and family, I wanted to talk about being a late bloomer.

The thing is, I did not start dating until I was 24 years old. I was a tomboy and did not want to deal with dating shenanigans. Alas, curiosity and interest in boys became a reality and I started dating around. The problem was my radar was focused on all the wrong men! The party boy, unsure boy, and the goofy boy. I dated them. I loved them. I hated them.

A misguided radar can make marriage and kids seem farfetched, and even a long-term relationship. Nonetheless, I did not stress. I was a late bloomer and life was good. I took great care of myself physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I built a phenomenal foundation of friends that were like family. So, I did me for a while. I worked on my radar. I stopped going for the crazy man in the room and realized that values came first. And, at 37, I met a man that would become my husband.

I found together forever and this meant the next step: kids! My age was creeping in the back of my mind, so we decided to visit my primary care doctor for a basic workup. We started to try naturally and fell pregnant that month, only to end in miscarriage 7 weeks later…then another, and another, and another. After a fertility work up, I came to realize it was my very MO, lateness, that was causing our infertility. Age and time, the two things you cannot get back in life, crept around the corner to cast a cloud on my happiness.

I was so confused, sad, and heartbroken over the fact that I could not do something that is a natural part of life – maintain a pregnancy. Back at my RE, I learned about Pulling Down the Moon (PDtM). This community would become the very thing I did not know I needed – a strong community of supportive women. I have since experienced fertility acupuncture, massage, yoga, and nutritional supplements and have learned a lot about Chinese Medicine. My sense of mental health, relaxation have improved drastically. I have a renewed faith in the fact I am doing all I can to make my dream of having a family come true. To me, it is about no regrets looking back, no matter what the outcome.

PDtM is a “home for the soul.” I am surrounded by women that understand the challenges of letting go, acceptance, and welcoming a different path to life. Without lateness, I never would have found this greatness.

About the author: “Jugy” has been receiving treatments from PDtM since December 2016. She has had age-related fertility for the past 2 years with 4 natural pregnancies ending in miscarriage and 2 failed IVF cycles. When she is not thinking about things fertility-related, she is a digital marketing professional that loves to cook and stay active.