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Mindfulness: Capacity Development for School Districts and Education Professionals

With research indicating that school-based mindfulness interventions can improve students’ readiness-to-learn, positively impact classroom discipline and ameliorate educator burn-out, more school districts across the country are exploring mindfulness curriculums and tools.

Yet school districts are complex environments, comprising many different work teams, with differing objectives and multiple demands on their time. One-size-fits-all solutions or curricula do not address conditions required for success. Starting with a shared vision and strong foundation builds sustainability, as well as serves as a magnet for future grant funding to support and grow mindfulness programs within your district.

Some of these success components include:

  • Mapping the current state of mindfulness programming within your district: who, where, when and how
  • Identifying key stakeholders at administration, instructor and para-professional level
  • Convening strategic groups to develop a common vocabulary and shared practical experience of mindfulness concepts, both in personal and professional contexts
  • Quantitative and qualitative processes to understand impact of programs on student academic performance, classroom discipline and teacher and staff burn-out

Our Capacity Development Options Include:

  • Consulting to assess and map current mindfulness efforts and identify key stakeholders, assets and opportunities within the district: $3000 (includes site visits, meetings, surveys, analysis and recommendations).
  • One-time six-week basic capacity-building class for staff: $1800 per 10 participants.
  • Teach-the-teacher training program to empower leaders in your district to become Capacity Builders within the district: $3000 per builder up to 6 people, after that $2000 per builder.

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