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5-Body Therapeutic Massage

Massage is an ancient and essential part of holistic medicine that has been shown to improve circulation and decrease stress. If you have only explored “relaxation” massage at your local health club, you may be missing the full range of benefits hands-on work can provide. Our 5-Body Therapeutic Massage Protocol™ is a five-part series that focuses on specific aspects of healing: detoxification, circulation and blood flow, breathing, mental acuity and mind/body integration, and relaxation.

These massages can be used individually or as a series to support whole body and spirit health. These sessions are also recommended in conjunction our 5-Body Yoga™ class to support the class curriculum based on the traditional yogic healing model called the koshas. Each massage, like each yoga class, explores one of the 5 kosha bodies:

These 5-Body protocols will be fine-tuned to your specific health goals. Each session is 75 minutes in length, which includes 10-15 minutes of assessment, education, and self-care. The 5-Body Therapeutic Massage Protocol™ is the sister series to Pulling Down the Moon’s Fertility Enhancing Massage Protocol™, and adheres to a similar approach and philosophy to holistic healing. Read here about the Fertility Enhancing Massage Protocol™ ( The FEM).

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