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Pre and Postnatal Massage

You’ve received the results – you’re pregnant! Take a deep breath. Pregnancy is an exciting time, and you may be feeling a mixed bag of emotions, from elation and joy to anxiety and stress. It’s perfectly normal to feel this way, and it’s important to find self-care strategies during pregnancy.

Regular prenatal massage can improve your health and well-being, from conception through delivery. Therapeutic touch provides you with deep levels of relaxation that signal your parasympathetic nervous system, creating physiological balance, steadier blood pressure, pulse, and respiratory rates. Prenatal bodywork may support regular blood flow to the uterus, placenta, and fetus, encourage healthy growth and improve labor and newborn health. Massage can also promote healthier immune system functioning, emotional states, and responses to stressful stimuli. This is good news for you and your baby!

Our exclusive Unwind the Mind Massage is safe and supportive from the time of ovulation/IUI/transfer through the first trimester. Our prenatally certified massage therapists can offer safe and specialized massage during your second and third trimesters. And postpartum massage during your ‘fourth trimester’ is an excellent way to nurture the nurturer, as your body heals from its greatest feat.

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