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Feng Shui for Loving Relationships

With Valentine’s Day coming up, we are surrounded by hearts, lace, and thoughts of love and romance. However, when you are in a long-term relationship, and especially when you have struggled with fertility, you may feel that the Loving Feeling may need a little of Cupid’s help!

Feng Shui, or Chinese Geomancy, is a traditional form of correcting the flow of energy with proper placement of furniture, decor, and structure in your home, office, or other living space to create balance, health, and harmony. Many techniques focus on health and wealth, but creating and maintaining loving relationships are also a big part of the picture! Here are a few tips to creating a home environment that is conducive to bring love into … or back into … your life.

First, find your Love Corner! According to Feng Shui principles, different areas of your body correspond to different aspects of your life. This is known as the Ba Gua (8 Principles). The Love Corner of your home is in the far right.

Wealth and Prosperity

Colors: Purples, Blues, Reds

Fame and Reputation

Colors: Reds, Oranges

Fire Element

Love and Relationships


Pinks, Reds, Whites

Family and Physical Health

Colors: Greens, Florals, Stripes

Wood Element

Spiritual Health and Well Being

Yellows, Earth Tones

Earth Element

Children and Creativity

Colors: Whites, Pastels

Metal Element

Knowledge and Wisdom

Colors: Blues, Greens


Color: Black

Water Element

Travel and Helpful People

Colors: Greys, Silver

Go to the main entrance of your home. Even if you enter through a side door or garage frequently, you should still go to the main entrance of the home. Point your hand to the far right corner of the house. That is your Love Corner!

Next, remove objects, colors, and other elements which would harm the flow of energy to this area:

  • Any representations of things that are alone. Images/statues of a lone figure, etc

  • Anything that reminds you of an old relationship, lost love, or other relationships that make you feel hurt or would rather not think about

  • Anything in 3’s

  • Sharp objects, prickly cactuses, unwelcoming or unsafe objects

  • Piles of stuff, clutter, storage, old boxes, “baggage” – literally or figuratively!

  • Computers, TVs, and other “distractions”

  • Games of any kind (you never want to play games in your relationships!)

  • Dead plants, dirt, dust, garbage cans

  • Anything broken or in need of repair

Once you have removed all of these objects, give the area a good cleaning. Then, consider adding some of the following elements to welcome good Love energy to the space:

  • Paint the space or bring in accents of red, pink, and/or white. It can be as simple as a throw pillow, vase, or picture frame.

  • Symbols of love. This can be through pictures, sculptures, murals, etc:

    • Fireworks

    • Animal print material

    • Wedding cake

    • Two figures together

    • Bowl of Hershey’s kisses

  • Mirrors and candles (see more on mirrors below)

  • Fresh flowers

  • Silky, sexy items

  • Romantic music (radio, guitar, piano)

  • Clean the area regularly! Don’t allow clutter to build up.

You can also look at other rooms in your house or office and apply the same principles! When you stand in the entrance of any space, the far right corner is the Love Corner, so you can use the same techniques in all of your spaces to promote love there, too!

Some special notes about the bedroom:

  • Avoid mirrors in your bedroom. Mirrors are always reflecting things, so they are considered an active item. If you have built-in mirrors, consider removing them or covering them up (especially at night with a folding screen or other decorative item.

  • Do not have water elements (fountains, images of water, reflective surfaces, etc) in the bedroom.

  • Do not place pictures of your family or religious images in the bedroom. Having these images near your bed will make you feel like you are being watched and not allow you to fully enjoy your partner.

  • No work or fitness in the bedroom. Working and love do not mix! Keep computers, papers, other things that remind you of stressful situations or work, along with any workout equipment out of the bedroom.

Have fun! Make your Love Corner a place that stimulates happy, warm, loving relationships in your life!

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