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Circle of Light

By Pulling Down the Moon Co-Founder, Beth Heller

This past Sunday was class six of our 6-week Yoga for Fertility Series and it ended, as it has for the 17+ years we’ve been teaching it, with our Circle of Light ritual.  For nearly two decades, our classes have ended in the same way.  A candle is lit by the teacher and passed around the circle of students, and in turn each has the chance to share what they have learned about themselves during the fertility journey, offer gratitude to each other for support and affirm their fertility intention.  Due to the pandemic, this past session was virtual, yet we still lit and passed the candle from hand to hand, screen to screen. Amazingly, the connection was something each of us could feel. 

The words that women share change according to the unique journey of each student, but they are always words of affirmation, validation and, often, transformation.  They reflect what we call our “sacred sauce” – our sangha.”  Sangha is the Sanskrit word for a community of like-minded people.  At Pulling Down the Moon our sangha is the Circle of Light created by our students, clients, practitioners, business staff and owners.  We all show up to hold the dream for each other, to share our experiences and expertise, to cry when we are sad and to cheer triumphantly for each victory.  

I wanted to share a quick video from the final class of our last yoga session where I share what the Circle of Light candles mean to me and how I use them on my personal “altar” to remind myself of the light of our sangha within and around me.  

There are three candles in the Circle of Light SeriesIntention, Release, Self-Love & Forgiveness.  Each candle is created with fertility-safe scents and materials and contains a power crystal and dried flowers that are supportive and symbolic of its purpose.  In addition, each comes with a link to an activation ritual that helps you to connect to the candle’s purpose – to ‘birth’ your intentions in the physical world.  The Intention Candle affirms your intention to become a mom (or any other intention you choose to work with). Release is powerful for letting go of losses, disappointments and resentments.  Self-Love and Forgiveness completes the process by reminding you that there is nobody more worthy than you to receive all the blessings the universe has to offer.  

These candles, custom made for you by a former fertility patient and Pulling Down the Moon student, carry that lineage of support within them.  They are a light in dark times, a reminder to forgive others and love yourself and a “north star” to remind you of your unwavering intention to become a parent.  

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