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Community Events

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Apr 11th 7th at 7pm: Journaling for the Journey (Chicago Event)


Christine Simokaitis LMT MFA, writing instructor and massage therapist at Pulling Down the Moon, leads this journal writing workshop, a space to pause, reflect, and gather your thoughts. It’s easy to get lost in all of the information, appointments, charts, and medications – not to mention emotional turmoil – that are part of the journey to conception for many women. Journaling can help to reduce stress, aid clarity, and bring about peace of mind. Whether you need time for a brain dump, a creative outlet for some pent-up feelings, or a gathering with other women, Christine’s gentle writing prompts and a supportive environment may be just what you need to feel a little lighter. Enjoy caffeine-free tea, community, and this interactive event in a calm space. No previous writing experience necessary. Register here.

Apr 22nd at 6pm: Reducing Fertility Stress One Breath at a Time! (Webinar)

Does the fertility process have you constantly holding your breath; are you even aware that you do? How about when the doctor’s office calls with an important result? Why do we hold our breath? In what way, do we believe it will protect us? Maybe our breath holding is an attempt to freeze our perception of safety in the present moment? In this class, you will discover what Prana is and why it’s important. Join Pulling Down the Moon Yoga Team Leader, Cassie Harrison, as we focus on breath awareness and breath work, how to move into a place of healing that is beyond the physical, while increasing your vitality (aka Prana) during this free webinar to support your journey.  Register here.

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