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Meredith Nathan, L.M.T. & Director of Massage at Pulling Down the Moon, is a graduate of Northwestern University as well as the Chicago School of Massage Therapy.  Meredith lead the development of the Fertility Enhancing Massage Protocol™ after working with thousands of women seeking to improve their fertility since 2004. The FEM Protocol™ has supported thousands of women and couples in their journey to become parents, and has been purchased by Shady Grove Fertility, the largest fertility clinic in the USA.  Meredith is a contributing author of ‘Fully Fertile, A Holistic 12 Week Plan for Optimal Fertility, 2nd Edition’, and has been highlighted in Conceive Magazine, Massage Magazine, Conceive on Air, and is the honored recipient of the American Massage Therapy Association’s 2018 Pioneer Award. The daughter of a biophysicist and biologist-turned-healer, she is passionate about blending the best of holistic modalities, grounded in modern medicine. As a fertility baby herself, Meredith is dedicated to helping other future moms bring new life into the world, and is committed to creating a standard of excellence within the world of fertility massage.

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