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Kelly Lyons, Licensed Acupuncturist

Chicago, Available on Sundays

Kelly Lyons, LAc, MSOM, Nationally Board Certified by NCCAOM.

From a very early age, Kelly has found balance in her life by studying and aligning with nature. Having always wanted to study medicine, she became fascinated by the enduring efficacy of Chinese Medicine, which is devoted to restoring the body to harmony with nature.

Kelly received her training in Chinese Medicine at Midwest College of Oriental Medicine, in Chicago.
Not one to take her own health for granted, she paced her studies with years of meditation– a true passion.
She became licensed in Illinois in 2010, the year she had her first child, after 3 years of unsuccessful attempts. She and her husband welcomed their second child in 2015. Kelly intimately understands the pursuit of reproductive health.

In her practice, Kelly focuses on women and children’s health. She is highly skilled with needle-sensitive individuals, and truly enjoys musculoskeletal recovery work along with disease prevention. She takes a “food as medicine” approach to nutrition.
Along with her work as a TCM provider, she prioritizes the fun that her family, and extended circles of friends and colleagues bring to her life.

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