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Nicole Ruffolo, Licensed Acupuncturist

Chicago, Available: Mondays 7:30am-11:30am

Nicole After recovering from a near death experience, Nicole found herself in search of a healing modality that would mend the disconnect between her mind and body. She was introduced to Chinese Medicine and immediately resonated with its focus on treating the whole person by addressing the root of the problem, not just a symptom. As a patient, Chinese Medicine helped Nicole find the healing she needed which led her to pursue training as a practitioner. After graduating from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in Chicago, Nicole volunteered with Mindful Medicine Worldwide to treat individuals living outside Kathmandu, Nepal. Due to their limited resources, she became one of their primary sources of medicine, treating an array of conditions such as women’s health, digestive issues, pain, stress and anxiety.

Through Nicole’s personal and professional experience, she has found there is a true connection between how we experience life stressors and the way they manifest in the body. By addressing the root cause of these symptoms, the body will gradually rebalance itself and get to a place of harmony and equilibrium. Every individual patient will present with their own manifestation of common ailments, which requires tailored treatments. Nicole works closely with each person to best understand the underlying causes to their symptoms to find the root problems. Nicole is committed to creating a safe space that is accessible to all walks of life, where clients feel comfortable restoring and growing, and she strives to educate her clients in self-empowerment and healing while working with them collaboratively to find a path that works best for them.

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