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Christie Frisch

– FEM Certified Practitioner

– Licensed Massage Therapist

Chicago: Tuesdays and alternating Fridays from 9:00am to 2:30pm!

We are thrilled to have the talented Christie Frisch join our Massage Team starting on September 17th! You will find her at the Chicago office on Tuesdays and alternating Fridays (opposite Christine S) from 9:00am to 2:30pm!

Christie is passionate about supporting women through compassionate care and the healing power of touch, with a special interest in helping new, expecting and trying-to-conceive moms experience their maternity season to its fullest. As a licensed massage therapist specializing in fertility support, prenatal and postpartum care, Christie’s practice marries reiki energy work with hands-on massage modalities including myofascial release, cranio sacral therapy, acupressure and reflexology to create the ultimate mind-body sensory experience for her clients. She listens actively during consultation and encourages feedback on pressure and other in-session preferences to help ensure that each and every client leaves feeling understood and nourished with an enhanced sense of levity, clarity, and physical well-being.

She is certified in Fertility-Enhancing Massage ™ (FEM) through the Integrative Care for Fertility Training Institute. Also a baby massage instructor, DONA-trained postpartum doula and mom of three, Christie has extensive experience working with mothers and babies in a variety of contexts (dads too!). It would be an honor and a pleasure to support you throughout this tender life season!

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