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Meredith NathanMeredith Nathan, Massage Advisor, is a graduate of Northwestern University as well as the Chicago School of Massage Therapy (now Cortiva Institute). Meredith is Nationally Certified, and has continued her education in fertility through certification in Prenatal Massage as well as Lymph Drainage I and II through the Upledger Institute. She lead the development of the FEM (Fertility Enhancing Massage) Protocol after working with hundreds of women seeking to improve their fertility since 2004. Meredith has been highlighted in Conceive Magazine, as well as Conceive on Air. The daughter of a biophysicist and biologist-turned-healer, she is passionate about blending the best of holistic modalities, grounded in modern medicine. As a fertility baby herself, Meredith is dedicated to help other future moms bring new life into the world, and is committed to creating a standard of excellence within the world of fertility massage.

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