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Christina Thompson, Yoga Instructor


Christina has been practicing yoga for 15 years, starting when she was a music major in college seeking relief from chronic pain. Yoga has always been a stabilizing practice for her through transitions in life, from injuries to career changes. As a professional voice actor and on-camera presenter, Christina uses breath work and meditation to prepare for auditions and bookings. She enjoys practicing various styles of yoga including Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin yoga, and is inspired by the vitality and balance found through the practice. While completing her 200-hour teacher training at the Chicago School of Yoga in early 2018, Christina developed a passion for holistic women’s health and completed her research project on Yoga for Fertility. She continues to participate in trainings on Trauma Informed Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Prenatal Yoga and Yoga for Fertility. Christina is committed to making yoga accessible for all in an empowering, stress-relieving environment. She teaches yoga to help people get out of their heads and into their breath, and to create space in the body and mind. Christina is honored to join the yoga team at Pulling Down the Moon and looks forward to fostering community with her students!

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