COVID-19 Update We're back and we've missed you!!! Online booking is now available so schedule by clicking the link below or call (312) 321-0004 to book your appointment.

We are open for Acupuncture and Massage services in Chicago (River North) and Highland Park (Port Clinton Square) for fertility, pregnancy/postpartum, and general health/wellness support.  Guidelines are in place to take care of you safely (see highlights below). Nutrition consultations, shop resources (including supplements, DIY Fertility Tools, and more!), yoga classes (including Online Yoga for Fertility and Wellness Wednesday LIVE classes on Zoom), and events will continue to be available virtually!  Call us for details and scheduling at: 312-321-0004 today!

**Check out our NEW Package Option**

Eggspress Package 

Are you planning an egg freezing cycle or working with a Gestational Carrier who would benefit from holistic fertility care?  Maybe you have a cycle coming up in the next couple weeks and are looking to maximize the time you’ve got to prep for ovulation/retrieval?  

This Eggspress Package is designed to optimize your body for egg maturation and uterine environment.  Focusing on blood flow and creating balance, these sessions will help you reduce stress, sleep better, reduce side-effects of medications while working to specifically support reproductive function.

The package includes:

  • Initial Acupuncture Consultation and First Treatment 
  • 5 Acupuncture Follow-Up Sessions
  • 2 Fertility-Enhancing Massage Sessions
  • 10% Discount on Initial Retail Purchase

Price:  $700 ($125 savings!) 

Two-month payment plan available, package available at checkout during first visit! 

Call us today to learn more seven days a week  at: 312-321-0004 

or schedule online at your convenience via Mind Body Online (MBO)!

*Package cannot be combined with other offers. 

 All packages are non-refundable or transferable.*



As staff and practitioners, we hand wash frequently. 
We also ask all patients to wash their hands before going back for treatment after their temperature check.
**We do ask that you continue to wear a mask at our healthcare facility and if you don’t have one available, then we will provide one

We disinfect all treatment rooms and common areas.  We adhere to social distancing guidelines, utilize PPE, and stagger appointments for you.

Practitioners utilize PPE during treatment.  We also minimize areas of contact (clean, open areas) and maximize disposable items (like drape sheets).

We use “no contact” resources, such as, electronic forms and methods of payment. 
We have patients come by themselves, complete health screenings for each visit, and reschedule for illness. Questions?  Let us help at: 312-321-0004!





Online Yoga for Fertility 6 Week Series

Sundays — 4:00 – 5:30pm, Sept 12th – Oct 17th with Kate Ryan

Join Pulling Down the Moon Yoga Instructor, Kate Ryan, on Zoom for LIVE yoga instruction, discussion, and community support for your journey.  Designed by yoga teachers and former fertility patients Tami Quinn and Beth Heller to meet the needs of women who are trying to conceive. Learn our specialized Yoga for Fertility techniques. This will help you care for your body and mind while on a break from treatment, while trying to conceive naturally, while prepping for the next cycle, or during an active ART cycle. You will learn a series of yoga postures designed to improve fertility by increasing blood flow into the pelvis, releasing stress and anxiety and balancing life energy flow in the body. In addition to this physical practice we explore teachings from yoga philosophy that help us frame the fertility journey in a way that reveals our personal strengths, reinforces the joy of everyday life and empowers us to create the family we are meant to have.

This research based series includes: 6 LIVE yoga classes, 6 Yoga for Fertility practice downloads (over three hours of content) that allow you to take your yoga practice wherever you go, even download to view offline. Also included is the Infertility Cleanse Book to supplement the discussions and aid in re-setting your system after a failed cycle, miscarriage, or just a fresh start on your fertility journey.

Cost: $210 for 6 sessions (Price includes 1.5 hr weekly classes, The Infertility Cleanse book, Fully Fertile DVD Downloads).

Pre-Registration Required as Space is Limited. Zoom links will be sent near the start date of class.

Bonus: All participants also get to try a FREE Wellness Wednesday session!!


Online Weekly Wellness Wednesday Workshops

Wednesdays — 6:30 – 7:30pm, Sept 15th – Dec

Whether you have just cancelled a cycle, or are resetting after a loss (failed transfer, IUI, IVF, miscarriage), it can be difficult to know how to begin again. Join Pulling Down the Moon yoga instructor, Diana Zic, for the first Wellness Wednesday Workshop of for the fall “Movement and Meditation for Healing” for this gentle movement class to mindfully nurture yourself in body, mind, and spirit. Our time together will include a meditation focused on healing and new beginnings.

This online workshop is part of our Wellness Wednesdays Yoga Series. Each workshop is designed and taught by a different Pulling Down the Moon instructor. These workshops complement our Yoga for Fertility series and are safe for those trying to conceive and/or going through fertility treatments (including partners). Let’s make Wednesdays a healthy habit! Set aside an hour for yourself to experience the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of our yoga workshops. **NEW classes are now available WEEKLY from Sept – Dec for you!!






Fertility Financing with emBorrow!

(Sebastian & Kati)
Financing through Pulling Down the Moon & emBorrow
Pulling Down the Moon patient Kati Deutschle and her husband Sebastian realized through their own journey that there was a hole in the fertility market.  Patients desperate to have babies were leveraging a lot financially to obtain the medical and holistic treatments they believed could help.  
Pulling Down the Moon is also sensitive to the fact that holistic medicine is a commitment and that the greatest success is often achieved over time with regular and ongoing treatments.
We know that in many cases, patients use credit cards, high interest loans or deplete savings to pay for treatments.  That’s why we were thrilled to partner with Kati and Sebastian on their new financing company, emBorrow, that has been created specifically for the fertility patient. 
We are launching our partnership by offering small loans for holistic services and packages. Our hope is that, together, we provide financially attainable ways for all couples to incorporate holistic therapies into their fertility journey whether they choose to do so alongside medical treatment or as a completely “natural” path toward having a baby help enhance conception rates as well as treat the stress and emotional struggles of the process in a way that is financially attainable for all couples. 
Pulling Down the Moon is proud to be one of their first partners.  The application process takes about three minutes and your response will usually be within a day or two. If you are in our River North center, an application kiosk can be found near the front desk.

While we will continue to offer credit card payment plans, we want you to know there is now another option to help you afford some of our most comprehensive packages to support your journey.  





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