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Doctors will tell you that the single most important thing to help your fertility is being at a good fertile weight and eating a diet high in the right kind of nutrients.  Our ART Prep/Recovery Program is a nutrition program especially created to help you prep for your upcoming treatment and recover a failed cycle so you can cleanse and try again. Your Pulling Down the Moon Registered Dietitian will help you set goals, regulate blood sugar levels, assist in helping you get your gut and thyroid to function properly, discuss sensitivities, decrease inflammation, and safely cleanse. She will also be an accountability partner—providing support, ideas, and recipes to help you meet your goals while simultaneously working to improve your egg quality. If you want to get serious about nutrition and really see results while getting ready for the next steps with your doctor, then you will feel empowered by this program. Schedule your appointment today and save 42% off with this limited time offer at: 312-321-0004! Use Promo Code: NEWYEAR299

 *January special must be purchased between January 1st-31st with first appointment redeemed in January.  Promotion does not apply to previous purchases and cannot be combined with other offers.  Only one month’s supply of supplements included in the special  (e.g. probiotic, EPA, CoQ10, Melatonin, Rice Protein, Myoinsoitol) are eligible for discount though all participants can get subsequent discounts on monthly orders and enjoy free shipping. Purchase in-center, online via Mind Body Online, or call us at: 312-321-0004 to get started today!*

Community Events

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How to: Yoga for Fertility Home Practice 

Beth Heller MS, RYT (Co-founder at Pulling Down the Moon)

Monday, January 28th 6pm-7:00pm


Can’t get to the yoga studio?  No yoga for fertility classes near you?  No problem.  Yoga for Fertility creator Beth Heller will share the secrets of what makes a yoga practice “fertility friendly” and how you can get great results with yoga at home.  We will talk about the physical and energetic impact of different yoga postures, specific breathing techniques to support different phases of the fertility process and lots of other fun tips.  Registrants will receive FREE access to a Pulling Down the Moon streaming video Yoga for Fertility practice!    Register here.

Space is limited for these special events. Don’t wait to reserve your spot! Click the links or call us at: 312-957-6235!

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