July Specials


Massage 5 Pack (Therapeutic, Prenatal, or Postpartum for only $425 (save $50)!

Pulling Down the Moon is excited to offer a brand new wellness massage package summer special priced low enough for you to enjoy anytime! If you’ve always thought that massages should only be enjoyed on special occasions and birthdays, think again.

Studies show that regular massage may have the following health benefits: decreases stress, anxiety, and symptoms of depression; eases pain; improves sleep; boosts immunity; eases symptoms of PMS; increases blood flow throughout the body; reduces inflammation in the body; and decreases pain.

*July special must be purchased between July 1st-31st. Promotion does not apply to previous purchases and cannot be combined with other offers. This does not apply to fertility-enhancing massages. Package expires in one year. No promo code needed just select which 5 pack you would like to purchase from our available packages.*

Purchase in-center, online via Mind Body Online, or call us at: 312-321-0004 today!

Save 20% Off EPA/DHA!

Fish oil is made up of 2 main omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA. Most prenatal vitamins emphasize DHA and contain little or no EPA.  EPA promotes healthy cell membranes , is a precursor of many hormones and is also anti-inflammatory, a great benefit given that inflammation is associated with endometriosis, PCOS, poor uterine environment and potentially even early miscarriage. DHA is vital for the baby’s brain development. Research also indicates that a diet rich in omega-3 fats is associated with improved embryo quality during an IVF cycle.

It can be challenging to consume adequate omega-3 fat through food sources, especially since women who are trying to conceive or are pregnant are warned to limit their intake of fatty fishes, the main source of omega-3 fatty acids.

*Our EPA/DHA Omega-3 Fish Oil supplement contains the quality-assured, purity-tested omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA.*

Stock-up and save while supplies last!  Promo Code: EPA20

*Special is available from July 1st-31st. Promotion does not apply to previous purchases and cannot be combined with other offers.*

Purchase in-center, online via our online shop, or call us at: 312-321-0004 today!


Summer Community Events



Pineapple Squad Chicago & Friends Yoga Retreat

Saturday, July 21st 11am-1pm

770 N LaSalle Suite 800 Chicago, IL 60654

Join the Pineapple Squad Chicago for a Yoga Retreat hosted at Pulling Down the Moon!  This two hour session includes a fertility-friendly yoga session, lunch, and an opportunity to socialize with others that get it because you are more than your fertility journey!  No experience necessary.  Space is limited, reserve your space in-center, online via Mind Body Online, or call us at: 312-321-0004 today!

Two Week Walk

Saturday, July 21st 10am-11am

770 N LaSalle Suite 800 Chicago, IL 60654

Beth Heller, MS RYT, Co-founder of Pulling Down the Moon

Join us for the Two Week Walk!  During the Two Week Wait women are recommended to limit exercise to walking and gentle, non-heated yoga.  We are offering this opportunity to participate in safe exercise and community. Enjoy the beautiful River North outdoors with our staff and then enjoy a nice cup of caffeine free iced tea and have questions answered about nutrition for during the two week wait, a healthy pregnancy, and beyond! Register here for this complimentary in-center event.


Yoga for Fertility: Solution or Stretch?

 Chicago Office

Saturday, August 11th 10:00-11:30am

770 N LaSalle Suite 800 Chicago, IL 60654

Kellie Greene RYT

Highland Park Office

Saturday, August 18th 10:00-11:30am

1770 N LaSalle Suite 400 Chicago, IL 60035

Cassie Harrison RYT

**Special Physician Session in Highland Park:  Join Dr. Hirshfeld-Cytron and Dr. Allison Rodgers of Fertility Centers of Illinois for Q&A after class!

With more and more research showing the health and emotional benefits of yoga, is it a “stretch” to say it’s good for fertility?  Join Pulling Down the Moon specialist yoga instructors to learn about yoga and the potential benefits for fertility, what our research has shown about yoga’s ability to lower anxiety (20% in just six weeks!) and experience a practice that’s safe for any part of your fertility journey.  This class is open to friends or family who are interested in how fertility affects the body and mind. Wear comfortable clothing, bring your yoga mat and come ready to breath, stretch and relax.

Events are complimentary from Pulling Down the Moon. $10 suggested donation: All proceeds to benefit the Shine Fertility.

Register here for the Chicago session.  Register here for the Highland Park session.

Essential Fertility Fitness Tips

Wednesday, August 29 6-7pm

Free Webinar

Beth Heller, MS and Dr Jennifer Hirshfeld-Cytron

Have you stopped working out due to fertility issues?  Are you wondering whether running is safe? Yoga? Join Reproductive Endocrinologist Dr. Jennifer Hirshfeld Cytron of Fertility Centers of Illinois and Beth Heller, M.S. of Pulling Down the Moon for an illuminating discussion about the link between fitness and fertility and why yoga may be the missing piece in your fertility fitness plan! Register here.

Space is limited for these special events. Don’t wait to reserve your spot! Click the links or call us at: 312-957-6235!


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