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Nutritional Supplements for Female and Male Fertility

Consultations available anywhere in the Chicago area or throughout the United States via phone or video call with expert, fertility-specific nutritionists.

The web is full of confusing information about how certain supplements might be beneficial for fertility. Pulling Down the Moon has been working with medical doctors for over a decade and keeping up with the latest research and literature in this emerging field. We can provide recommendations on specific supplements for your unique situation and also help you streamline an overwhelming supplement regimen to include the supplements with the most research behind them for fertility. Examples of conditions that may benefit from supplementation include PCOS, endometriosis, thin lining, luteal phase defect, egg quality, and sperm quality issues. We can also help support you in choosing safe and effective supplements during pregnancy and post-partum. We have the ability to customize a program for you that is specific to your diagnosis and medical treatment needs.

Nutritional Supplements and Egg Quality: While age still matters, the thinking around egg quality has evolved over the last decade and a diagnosis of poor egg quality has the potential to change/improve. While no treatment has 100% success rate, holistic treatments like acupuncture, massage, yoga and nutrition counseling work to improve the environment eggs develop within by increasing blood flow, lowering hormonal disruption through stress management and improved sleep, and decreasing inflammation that can impair cell function.

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