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Integrative Care for Pain

Chronic pain is more than just physical discomfort, it’s a disruptive factor can hold you back from living life as fully as possible. Our goal at Pulling Down the Moon is to not only address your pain but also work proactively with you to review the lifestyle factors that may be contributing to your pain symptoms and find strategies for preventing pain in the future.

Study after study show that acupuncture is a safe and effective treatment for arthritic and musculoskeletal pain, headache pain and pain associated with endometriosis and painful periods. In addition to acupuncture, our clinic offers therapeutic massage designed to help release muscular tension and improve join mobility. Yoga therapy and group yoga classes to help increase flexibility and strength are also available.

Kinds of Pain We Treat at Pulling Down the Moon

Chronic headache

Back and neck pain

“Wear and tear” arthritis (osteoarthritis)

Shoulder pain

Painful periods

Pregnancy back and hip pain

Sciatic pain

TMJ pain

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