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Congratulations! We are over the Moon excited for you to have a positive test and to be pregnant. Now is a great time to come in and receive services, Acupuncture is safe throughout all trimesters, our Prenatal Massages are phenomenal (we have a table specifically for our pregnant gals!), Prenatal Yoga is safe for those gals 12+ weeks along along with a Partner Prenatal class option, and a Prenatal Nutrition Consult with our team can help you navigate the “do’s and don’t”of eating for two! Here is some information on how we can work to aid you as pregnancy progresses:

1 st Trimester

Threatened Miscarriage, Morning Sickness (nausea and vomiting), Fatigue, Insomnia, Common Cold and Flu, Nasal Congestion

2 nd Trimester

-Water Retention/ Edema, Heartburn, Sciatica, Hemorrhoids, Leg Cramps, Carpal Tunnel, Pre-Term Labor

3 rd Trimester

-Back Pain, Insomnia, Labor Preparation, High Blood Pressure, Water Retention/ Edema, Incontinence


-Depression, Anxiety, Insufficient Lactation, Fatigue, Insomnia, C-Section Surgery Recovery, Night Sweats, Aches and Pains

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