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Trying to Conceive Naturally

Whether you’ve been trying to conceive for months or are just starting out, our practitioners can help you navigate your cycles and learn how to maximize your efforts. Are you ovulating? Is your luteal phase long enough? These are some of the questions our practitioners can help answer to ensure you are making the most of your month.

Our practitioners may recommend you chart your temperature and will help you read and decipher your basil body temperature (BBT) charts, which can help you confirm if you are in fact ovulating. They may also recommend Chinese herbs, supplements, diet, and lifestyle changes that are customized specifically to you. We can also work simultaneously to address chronic health challenges beyond fertility – including irritable bowel symptoms, migraines, period pain, and digestive issues that many women experience.

Don’t wait for cycle day 1 to book your initial consultation, you can start treatment at any time!

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