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Holistic Healthcare Treatment Options

In our efforts to provide holistic healthcare, our team at Pulling Down the Moon offers many treatment options that can help you and your family achieve health and wellness in all areas of your lives. Our practitioners are experts in a many different aspects of health in order to better serve the unique needs of you and your loved ones. In partnership with your medical doctor, our staff is prepared to work with you in order to develop a personal plan that integrates our services so as to best benefit your lifelong health.

We offer the following holistic services:

  • Acupuncture / TCM: This Chinese form of physical medicine is designed to balance the flow of energy throughout your body and can provide many health benefits.
  • Therapeutic Message: We offer three different tracks of therapeutic massage treatments that detoxify body tissues, decrease stress, and improve sleep and digestion. The 5-Body Massage protocol has been specifically created to treat chronic illness, emotional issues, the most common aches & pains, and is appropriate for everyone including teens. The Fertility Enhancing Massage (FEM) has been created by Pulling Down the Moon specifically for those women or teens experiencing fertility or hormonal issues. For those looking for a wonderful relaxation massage, Pulling Down the Moon recommends its EveryDay Massage: an affordable yet high quality massage that makes getting a massage possible almost EveryDay and not just on special occasions.
  • Nutrition Counseling: Your diet can affect your fertility as well as your overall health. Our nutrition counseling services help enhance your overall well-being.
  • Yoga Classes: Yoga classes can result in better health for participants. We even offer yoga fertility classes specifically designed for those who are trying to conceive.
  • CocoonCare: Pulling Down the Moon has partnered with CocoonCare™ prenatal yoga/fitness and coaching to provide all the benefits of holistic healthcare under one roof in Chicago.

Pulling Down the Moon can help you begin your journey toward a lifetime of health and wellness today. Book your consultation at one of our Chicago area locations when you call us at (312) 321-0004.

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